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Department of Business Management

Department Head | Dr. Richard Warr, Professor of Finance

The Department of Business Management at North Carolina State University College of Management includes four discipline-specific groups of faculty who teach in our Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degree programs. In addition, our Business Management faculty collaborates with faculty in the college’s Department of Economics to offer a field at the Ph.D. level – Financial Economics – and delivers customized Executive Education courses and certificate programs.

In each area, our faculty brings a real world perspective into the classroom based on their industry experience and ongoing professional relationships and research. Our faculty collaborates on research and curriculum with their colleagues across the North Carolina State University campus, particularly with colleagues in the College of Engineering, and at other institutions, including several foreign universities. This ongoing professional engagement and research activity means that our faculty provides our students a multi-disciplinary perspective of business management that prepares them for today’s technology focused global marketplace.

Business Management Faculty

Our business management faculty teaches graduate and undergraduate courses and conducts research in areas related to the management of the technology-focused workforce, work processes and strategy. They work closely with our centers and initiatives, including the Center for Innovation Management Studies, Technology Entrepreneurship Commercialization, and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative.

Business Management Discipline-Specific Groups

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